A.F. Crowley

2 Day course in London with A.F. Crowley

How can we use ancient wisdom to transform our lives?

A rare opportunity to take part in a small, personal experience with A F  Crowley, author and teacher of authentic, traditional mystical wisdom.

Over fifty years Anna has studied and taught traditional Kabbalah and Initiatic Science.
Her ability to convey and explain ancient wisdom is exceptional.

When: Saturday 30th September 2023 & Sunday 1st October 2023

Location: London

Price: £125 per day £200 for the whole weekend

Books of Discovery Series

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About A.F. Crowley

Anna Frances Crowley

Anna Frances Crowley began studying the sacred symbol of the Tree of Life at the unusually young age of eleven years old.

Her life has been a quest to understand, and explain, the entire process of creation. The quest has been a strange and often hazardous journey, pitted against seemingly overwhelming odds. This journey led, not only to understanding the hidden mathematical keys of creation within the sacred symbol of the Tree of Life, but also to discovering the true Holy Grail, what it is and where it has lain hidden for hundreds of years, in a remote and little known tower, in the South of France.


Anna Crowley has studied and taught traditional Kabbalah for over fifty years. She has been privileged to have worked as the directrice for Archaeological Associations in the Occitanie, Southern France for twenty years, having been given access to many obscure and little known Jewish and Templar ancient sites. Her knowledge of esoteric symbols and codes led her to decipher many misunderstood clues concealed in ancient buildings, paintings and works of art.


This is a never ending and constantly unfolding story. 

Coming soon

Hidden in plain sight - The Holy Grail

This is the story of the discovery of the Holy Grail, what it is and where it has lain undisturbed for centuries. The Holy Grail is not a chalice, or a golden platter, nor is it the secret bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as so many modern- day myths would have us believe.
The truth of the Holy Grail is far more shocking and profound, it unlocks the secrets of many ancient sites such as Stonehenge; and is the arcane ritual sought out by the Nazis.

AF Crowley Coming Soon